October 29, 2021

BWE has elected!


Trier. At the general meeting on 2 November, the BWE regional associations Rhineland-Palatinate North and Rhineland-Palatinate South elected their new executive boards. The members opted for continuity in the election of their chairmen. The members of both boards were confirmed.
DunoAir congratulates Tanja Kreuz as Chairwoman, Ciro Capricano as Deputy Chairman and Dieter Berg as Secretary for the BWE Rhineland-Palatinate North. Matthias Boller, Robert Kölsch, Werner Schwarz, Peter Kirsch and Georg Högner were elected as committee members.
Our congratulations to Torsten Szielasko as Chairman of BWE Rhineland-Palatinate South, Gabriele Schmidt as Deputy Chairwoman and Dieter Berg as Secretary. Dr. Ingo Ewald and Jürgen Born are committee members.
The energy transition will continue to gain momentum in the coming years. Climate change and its consequences for people and the environment are forcing us to act. It is important to continue to advance the energy transition and to accelerate the process of expanding renewable energies.
DunoAir wishes the new Executive Board every success for the next term of office and look forward working together!

Your DunoAir Team

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