DunoAir: your partner for wind power.

Energy Transition is our first priority. As an experienced wind power company with a clear commitment to renewable energies, we support a sustainable and responsible energy policy.

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Development work: DunoAir wind farms in planning.

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DunoAir: Our strengths at a glance.

Our particular strength is to involve all stakeholders in the planning process from the very outset of a project. We very closely include both the municipalities and land owners in the project development and regularly inform them on the current project status.

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DunoAir is a member of the Bundesverband Windenergie e.V. (BWE).

The BWE is the world's largest association for renewable energies. For years, the BWE has been increasingly successful in promoting the sustainable and efficient expansion of wind energy in Germany.

Commitment to sport and culture

Sport and the promotion of young people are important to us! Supporting young people - maintaining local facilities - for DunoAir, all this is part of the regional added value, which is also a priority in planning.

DunoAir News


Dahlem V: Public Consultation Started

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Constitutional Court strengthens climate protection

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Dahlem IV may go into operation!

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In talks with Trier daily newspaper

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Monthly results of DunoAir windfarms

Here you can call up the performance and availability of DunoAir wind farms at any time. The operating data and the availability of the plants are available in daily, monthly and annual overviews.



Haushalte-3-persons households in germany provided

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