Windmessmast Carrigadoon (IRL)

Project description

The wind met mast Carrigadoon (Ireland) will record the wind speeds within the area of the planned wind farm in the County of Tipperary for at least 12 months. The results (more accurate data on wind speed and distribution) will help to optimise the planning of the wind park.

Technical data:

Measuring mast height: 80 m

Location height: 215 m above sea level

Measuring heights: 40 m, 60 m, 80 m

Measuring equipment:
4 x cup anemometer
2 x wind vane
1 x barometer
1 x temperature and air humidity

Planning: 02/2014

Construction: 03/2014

Commissioning: 04/2014



Dunoair Windpark Planung GmbH


Ireland, Tipperary County, parishes of Rathclarish, Curraheen and Ahenny