Substation Mastershausen II

Project description

The Mastershausen II substation was built to relieve the ever-tightening medium-voltage grid (20 kV) and to feed electricity directly into the high-voltage grid (110 kV). Due to the further expansion of our wind farms in the Rhine-Hunsrück district, the intake capacity had to be increased significantly.


Connected feeders:

Windfarm Mastershausen IV (9,2 MW)

Windfarm Krastel-Leideneck (12,2 MW)

Windfarm Kappel (16,1 MW)

Windfarm Kappel-Faas (4,6 MW)

Windfarm Strimmiger Berg* (15 MW)

*Wind farms do not yet or not completely feed into the substation.

Planning: 2012

Construction: 2012

Commissioning: Winter 2012



Windpark Mastershausen
GmbH & Co. KG


Rhineland-Palatinate, Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis, Kastellaun, Mastershausen