Dahlem IV Windfarm (2021)



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The wind farm Dahlem IV is the second wind farm of DunoAir in the municipality of Dahlem. It is partly located on private land, but the majority of the wind turbines are located on land owned by the municipality of Dahlem.

Through targeted and intensive discussions with the air traffic control, it was possible to determine a zone north of the Dahlemer Binz airfield, within which the wind turbines can be erected without hindering approach and take-off flights. We are very proud of this solution, as we managed to find a very good compromise between aviation requirements and ours.

In July 2016, we submitted the application in accordance with the Federal Immission Control Act. At the end of December 2016, we received approval to build the wind farm for the first time. As a result, the construction of the wind farm was started. All five foundations were built and the towers were erected for three turbines. Unfortunately, a lawsuit filed by NABU then stopped us for the time being.

After the Administrative Court of Aachen prohibited further construction, the species protection studies were supplemented by the findings of the subsequent years and a new application was submitted in accordance with the BImSchG. This time, we applied for a formal procedure with an environmental impact assessment (EIA) and public participation. This was to ensure the greatest possible transparency and maximum review of the project's impact on the environment.

The application was approved in February 2020, after which construction of the project, which had been dormant for three years, continued. Nacelles, generator and rotor blades were mounted on the three existing towers and the wind turbines were prepared for commissioning. The more than annoying circumstance that again an environmental association, this time the Naturschutzinititative (NI), felt obliged to sue against the project, caused another stop by the VG Aachen, so that neither the further construction of the two remaining wtgs nor the commissioning of the completed wtgs could be continued.

In March of this year, the Higher Administrative Court of Münster overturned the decision of the Aachen Administrative Court and declared the permit to be fully enforceable. This cleared the way for operation after more than four years of legal disputes. 

In the meantime, three of the five wtgs are in operation and for the two remaining ones, the application for modification to the successor type of the approved wtgs is being decided.

Even though the legal proceedings are not yet over, we are confident that in the end the legally granted approval will hold.

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Planning: 2015

Construction: 2017

Commissioning: Q1/2021



4 x E-126 EP4 (4,2 MW)
1 x E-115 E2 (3,0 MW)


Windpark Dahlem GmbH & Co. KG


North Rhine-Westphalia, Euskirchen County, Dahlem

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